Live in metro-Atlanta? Work with our full-service design team led by SwatchPop! founders and principal designers, Kristen Yonson and Jessica Bowdoin. Our in-home interior design team will take a hands-on approach with your project from conception to installation. 

Have a project in mind? Shoot us an email at

Below, you’ll find more details about SwatchPop!’s full-service interior design services:

  • First, we'll set up a call, or gather some information via email to learn more about your project(s) and your specific design needs. 
  • Next, we'll schedule an in-home consultation to see your space and discuss your needs in person. Our initial consultation fee is $150/hour for a minimum of 1 hour. 
  • Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we’ll determine how to best serve you. For most of our full-service in-home clients, we’ll start by outlining the items we think you’ll need to complete your space, and an estimated budget for these pieces. This budget will be based on information we’ve gathered from you during the consultation. We’ll also estimate the design hours needed to complete your project and send over a proposal. 
  • After the proposal is complete and you’ve agreed, we’ll start working on the fun part...your design! The design plan consists of inspiration photos and mood boards to present the concept and spec out the items we’ve chosen for your space(s). We’ll discuss whether or not we’ve hit the mark, revise as necessary and start ordering the pieces once we’re all on board.
  • Time for the best part...the makeover! Once everything has arrived, we’ll schedule your installation day. Our team will set up and style your new space and you can just sit back and enjoy!